What IS The Sustainable Gardening Library? Our Collaborators (Part 3 of 5)

How to find out who’s doing forward-thinking work in sustainable gardening and farming near you.

Have you ever wondered whether a public garden, town, or university near you was working to make their landscape or campus more sustainable? Or, whether they had a demonstration garden you could check out for ideas? We did, too. And as our family of content collaborators grows, we’re adding their stories to a special section of the Sustainable Gardening Library.

Search the Library by Sustainable Gardening Organization
This section of the Sustainable Gardening Library provides a more detailed description of all of our collaborating institutions, maps their locations including contact information, and provides a master list with links to everything they’ve posted in our Library.

How to use the Sustainable Gardening Library Organizations app

1. Click on the Organization button on the Library’s Home Page.

2.  Click on a map pin, 
or hover your cursor over the radio buttons in the left panel. Organizations are listed alphabetically.

3. If a pop-up does not open automatically, click on the map pin to open a pop-up to view the content provider’s address, contact information, and website link.
4. This opens a map that changes dynamically to zoom in on the location of each collaborator as you scroll down the page, accompanied by a description of the organization, it’s mission, vision, and history.

5. At the bottom of each description, you can click on Click here to access entire list of contributor resources to see a pdf list, with live links, of everything that collaborator has posted in our Library.

6. Click on the name of the file you’d like to review and you’ll be taken to that document, link, image, video, etc.

To check out the Sustainable Gardening Library Organizations app, click here.
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