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Garden Resolutions –Midseason Check-Up

Big Blue Sea Holly Mid-July is here -- time for gardeners, including me, to check how much progress has been made towards inner gardener resolutions for 2012. The local drought just broke; with any luck there is still an opportunity to make some mid-season adjustments and get our garden planning back on track. The weather wasn’t the only curveball thrown into our gardening schedule this year. While recovering from an illness, instead of working on garden design, I spent January through June talking about what I wanted done, pointing to where I wanted it done, and watching the under-gardener do it. (Thank you Dan). We had lots of bright garden ideas; here’s the progress we made: The Fountain. Our carved-stone fish fountain has been spitting out recirculated water into its clamshell catch-basin since early spring. It still needs some work to plug a leak around the tubing, and I’m still evaluating whether it’s in the exact right spot, but it’s been