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Call for Sustainable Gardening and Farming Resources

Sustainable Gardening Library Human survival depends on the health of our planet. Public gardens and arboreta, colleges and universities, and government agencies are doing impressive, far-sighted research, demonstration gardens and projects, and educational programs that show how we can do a better job of stewardship via small- and large-scale gardening and farming. It’s one of the best-kept secrets in America. But the word isn’t getting out. Not the way it could be. There are many reasons why that information isn’t reaching the people who want, need, and would use it. We all have the same four problems in distributing sustainable gardening information: •    Tight budgets, •    Marketing staff stretched too thin, •    Inability to reach across professional or organizational silos, •    Irregular website update or newsletter posting schedule, •    Lack of organized, searchable, curated sources of science-based information. The Sustainable Gardening Library solves t