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The Eagles Have Landed

The Duke Farms eagles, that is. By 7:17 this morning when the screenshot was taken, one chick had hatched and another was pipping. The third chick is not due until Sunday but, since the first two were late in arriving, it's likely the third one will be, as well. You can watch live at:   The eagles' tree was downed by Hurricane Sandy in 2012. They built a new nest in a nearby tree and researchers were able to locate the camera so that it has a perfect view of the nest. Enjoy!

Orchids in Bloom

Miltoniopsis Whether you like your orchid shows big or small, ‘tis the season. Stony Hill Farms’ 26th Annual Orchid Open House starts today and continues through Sunday, March 9th. It includes free lectures, and wine and cheese tasting stations hosted by vendors from Sussex County. Stony Hill’s orchid house is located along Route 24/513 West in Chester, NJ. Go slow along the driveway; it’s narrow, but has several pull-overs where two cars can pass. We visit each year, if only to inhale the fragrance of the Miltoniopsis (not all are fragrant) and Dendrobium nobile . Their plants are all bloom-size, reasonably priced, and I’ve learned how to keep most of mine alive. They also offer a nice selection of cachepots. I like Stony Hill because it’s a small, family-owned business that’s a pleasant drive from where we live. Quarters are a little cramped when everyone flows out of the lecture and into the greenhouse, and you may have to wait in line to pay for your purchase, but everyone is