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What Are Ecoregions?

At the Sustainable Gardening Institute, we’re confident that most homeowners would prefer to have an eco-friendly garden landscape based on solid science, if they knew what to do. But even as they yearn for healthy, chemical-free surroundings, questions arise. Questions such as, “Where do I start?” From where you are right now. Right where you’re standing. At ground level. Learning the basics of your specific ecoregion and plant hardiness zone now will save you time, effort, and heartbreak later because that is the foundation for selecting plants that are easier to grow and more likely to succeed. It doesn’t matter whether you’re planning a garden for your own backyard or a landscape project for huge business campus, the basics are the same. In this post, we’ll define what an ecoregion is, then explain why ecoregions are important in sustainable gardening, how they can be useful to both home gardeners and professionals alike, and get you started using ecoregion