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2011 Gardening Resolutions – Check-Up

December means it’s time to look back across the past 12 months to see how much progress has been made on integrating the inner gardener’s 2011 resolutions into the garden sanctuary. It’s a good way to stay on track with those gardening hopes and dreams and come up with some new resolutions next month. The unfinished, or never-started, projects from 2010. The fallen cherry tree was removed from my rhododendron patch and sawn up into boards. While the tree cutters were here, we had them fell some dead trees and high-limb others. Unplanned projects. When the tree-cutters dropped one on my rustic cedar fence, the undergardener repaired it, and added a new section that fulfilled a long-ago promise. We added a 65-inch bass wind chime in early spring and have enjoyed listening to it hum the sound “Om” all year. Our major project for this year, the expansion of the deer exclosure including a gate across the driveway, has been completed. We decided to leave the gate as-is,