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What IS The Sustainable Gardening Library? Our Featured Garden (Part 4 of 5)

Enjoy a virtual tour of one of our collaborator’s gardens Why use the Sustainable Gardening Library’s Featured Garden App? Most public gardens can’t be thoroughly explored or appreciated in a single day. You can use our virtual tour to map out your visit before you leave home, or use it while you’re there to prioritize which features you want to see first. Or, just take a virtual tour of one of our finest gardens from your easy chair on a rainy afternoon.  The Sustainable Gardening Library is device-responsive, meaning that the software detects what platform you’re using to access it and renders the library in the format that is most appropriate for your device (desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone). These directions are for accessing our Library via desktop, laptop, or tablet. What Is the Sustainable Gardening Library Featured Garden? This section of the Sustainable Gardening Library provides a virtual tour of one of our collaborating institutions’ gardens. The Featured G