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9 Secrets to Creating The Garden of Your Dreams Secret #6: Know Where To Start - 1

Working on the garden landscape is such an exciting pastime that it’s hard not to jump right in with every next big idea that comes along. In some ways, the garden industry is not very different from the fashion industry – styles come and go; this year’s “in” color is “out” next year; breeders are constantly tweaking petal profile, plant height, color, and shape; and trends, such as replacing the front lawn with meadow grasses, installing a Koi pond, or building a private water park, come and go. 

Permits and professionals
If you’re planning to make some big or important changes, do you know where to start? Practical matters come first. If you envision any major structural or drainage modifications, check with your local governing authority about what permits may be required and whether certain types of work must be done by an engineer or other professional. You don’t want to pay a contractor big bucks to install a boulder wall, only to find that he’s built it in the town’s right of …