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The Sustainable Gardening Library: Information You Can Trust

  Online, all the time. Sustainable gardening, farming and green infrastructure projects around the country are at your fingertips in the Sustainable Gardening Library 24/7. Search for the term sustainable gardening on the web and Google will return more than 79.9 million results. Beneficial insects will net you nearly 60 million; stormwater management , 13 million; sustainable farming , 217 million; and native plants , 835 million.  With so much information available, how can you find sustainable gardening, sustainable farming, sustainable land use, and sustainable infrastructure information you can trust without spending hours searching all over the internet? And how would you know whether the source of that information was reliable? Well, what if you could go to a single website that focused only on these sustainability issues, find curated information supplied by experts at public gardens, universities, and government agencies, sorted into 25 or 30 easily understood categories, a