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Easter Chicks: Bald Eagle Babies Hatch at Duke Farms

Feeding time at the Duke Farms Eagles' Nest Over the Easter weekend, two Bald Eagle chicks hatched at Duke Farms. Their heritage is a long and complex one that includes many unsung heroes – folks who dedicated their lives to ensuring that the single mating pair that remained in New Jersey in 1976 was not the last. In New Jersey, Bald Eagles are still considered state-endangered for the breeding season and state-threatened for the non-breeding season. State regulatory protection remains unchanged even though they have been removed from the federal Endangered Species list. The story of the near-extinction of these majestic birds throughout the lower 48 states is just one example of why sustainable farming practices are so important. Bald Eagle population decline is directly tied to the pesticide DDT, which caused severe thinning of the eggs’ shells and resulting nest failures. DDT was widely used in U.S. agriculture from 1945 through the 1950s. The alarm sounded by Rachel Carson

EZ Stow Hauler™ Garden Cart Review

This cart does a great job of hauling firewood. Load capacity: 800lbs. A tractor cart that converts to a wheelbarrow The EZ-Stow Hauler™ is a big hit at our house. The Undergardener says: “This is really well-made and sturdy.” I use it to move leaves around the yard, to mulch my roses and perennials, to haul away pruned branches and trimmings from perennials and shrubs, and to move tools and containers around our property. But it can also handle heavy loads. Whether you’re using it as a wheelbarrow or pulling it behind a tractor, the cart is easy to maneuver and the center of gravity keeps it well-balanced. Ease of Use Once you’ve decided whether you want to use the EZ-Stow Hauler™ as a wheelbarrow or tractor cart, there isn’t much to do. Just assemble it, and off you go. You can check out the full review of the EZ-Stow Hauler™ at and see why I gave it a 5-shovel rating.

Can’t Get The Word Out About Your Sustainable Gardening Resources?

We’ve got a simple solution – let us host your content in SGI’s Sustainable Gardening Library 50 key organized and curated topics Science-based, authoritative information Everything in one place Quick and easy to use Cross-disciplinary approach Uses multiple expert sources Incorporates GIS-mapping Enables social sharing The Sustainable Gardening Library is the single, centralized, easy-to-use, authoritative repository for information on sustainable gardening and farming practices. It’s accessed via a state-of-the-art, web-based mapping portal and supports Word, pdf, jpg, files and video links. Currently, we’re recruiting organizations that want to provide accurate, vetted, science-based information to journalists, students, scholars, researchers, educators, and the general public on how to become active caretakers of Earth’s resources beginning right in our own back yards. If you’d like to join us, just let us know .   If you’d like to support The Sustainable Gardeni