What IS The Sustainable Gardening Library? Part 2 of 5

How to take your gardening project to the next level
It doesn’t matter whether you’re a gardening newbie raising three houseplants on a studio apartment window sill, or a municipal engineer overseeing the installation of a stormwater detention basin; we can all kick our sustainability factor up a notch.
Everything you need, all in one placeIf you want to become a better steward of our planet’s resources through how you grow plants, you’ll love The Sustainable Gardening Library Topics app. We collect the latest tips and resources from public gardens, universities, and government agencies nationwide and put everything in one place so you don’t have to spend hours searching all over the web to find what you need.

Search the Library by Sustainable Gardening TopicThis is the heart of SGI’s Sustainable Gardening Library, which presents research, educational, and general information in a variety of formats on more than 25 topics that tackle the best ways to grow flowers and food, create outdoor…

What IS The Sustainable Gardening Library? Part 1 of 5

People ask me that all of the time. I like to think of it as the go-to resource for sustainable gardening information. We include farming and landscaping practices, too. We’re putting everything in one place so people who want to grow flowers and food, or create outdoor living spaces in more Earth-friendly ways, don’t have to spend hours searching all over the web to find what they need.

But it isn’t what most people think of as a traditional library.
How the Sustainable Gardening Library is the same as a specialized public library:It’s free.Anyone can use it.It’s organized by categories.It’s a library devoted to a single specialty: Sustainable gardening and farming.It hosts a variety of materials: Documents, spreadsheets, images, videos, and links to materials on our content providers’ websites.How the Sustainable Gardening Library is different from a public library:It’s a digitally native library. We’re 100% online. There is no brick-and-mortar library building.There’s no card catalo…

Healthy Planet = Healthy People

Happy Earth Day from all of us at the Sustainable Gardening Library!  Please garden and farm responsibly, because we can’t get there without you.

Dare To Be Wild: A Film For Garden Geeks And Eco-Freaks, And Anyone Else Who Has Fond Memories Of A Special Childhood Place

Just in time to help us escape the winter doldrums, writer-director Vivienne De Courcy’s gardener-centric, romantic adventure story, Dare To Be Wild, has been released on all on-demand platforms including iTunes Movies, Comcast Xfinity, Amazon Video, Sony PlayStation, and many more. 

The film traces the uplifting true story of Irish landscape designer Mary Reynolds’ “hero’s journey,” from ripped-off celebrity go-fer to youngest-ever Gold Medal winner in London’s fabled Chelsea Flower Show.

For garden geeks like me,
this is just the ticket for injecting some much-welcomed color and inspiration into an otherwise grey winter. And for eco-freaks like me, who hope to weave people back into the web of life, the film holds out the promise that there’s a way to touch the souls of those who have become disconnected from the natural world by “making wild nature fashionable.”

In her directorial debut, De Courcy focuses on the importance of humanity’s place in Nature. She hopes, she says, to make f…