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Meet The Artist -- Dan Freed

From Wreckage To Wood Sculpture Join woodworker and artist Dan Freed Saturday, September 27th at the Sussex-Wantage Library, 69 Rt. 639, in Wantage, NJ for a fun and educational peek behind the scenes of how he made his award-winning Hurricane Sandy Birdhouse Sculpture. Hear where the idea came from and what it symbolizes, touch samples of the wood, and find out what woodworking tools and techniques went into creating it.  Like many of us Freed was hit hard by Hurricane Sandy. But unlike most of us, he used that devastation as inspiration to create Hurricane Sandy Brought to Justice in Sussex County, crafted from broken trees left behind by the storm. The event is suitable for all ages and Freed encourages parents to let their aspiring young artists tag along, since many of the materials he used are touchable by little hands. Hurricane Sandy Brought to Justice in Sussex County will be on display through October 31st. Registration via the Library’s website

Is Your Garden Incomplete?

Every dyed-in-the-wool gardener knows that no garden is ever finished. The word “complete,” however, has a more nuanced meaning, in the sense of having all of the parts (paths, focal points, ornaments, etc.) you intended. Since gardening involves a lot of continual tinkering and tweaking, your garden may be complete without ever being finished. Gardens can also be made to be incomplete. The action of outside forces, such as storms that uproot trees, or a neighbor, town, or utility that cuts them down is one example. Suddenly there’s a sunny spot where once there was deep shade. Or, a wonderful view is revealed that gets your juices flowing about how to make it into a new garden centerpiece. How do you know if your garden is incomplete? Here are three clues to get you started:   1.    Something irritates you every time you look out the window, walk out the door, or pull into the driveway. 2.    You feel “exposed” and seek indoor shelter, rather than enjoying your outdoor space. 3