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Gardening Resolutions –Midseason Check-Up

Rustic cedar boundary fence repaired! Mid-August is already upon us, so it’s time to check how much progress has been made on integrating my inner gardener’s 2011 resolutions into our garden sanctuary. It’s a good way to stay on track with gardening hopes and dreams and make any necessary mid-season corrections.   First, the unfinished, or never-started, projects from 2010. The undergardener/woodworker had promised to get that fallen cherry tree out of my rhododendron patch on the east side of the house before it rotted into worm food – two years ago. Not only is the log gone, but it was also sawn up into boards that will be used in other projects. While the tree cutters were here, we had them fell a half-dozen dead trees that had come part way down during the course of several severe winter windstorms. I also had them do some high-limbing. Some trees were sawn into boards; the rest are only good for firewood.   Sometimes a project creates itself, as