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How To Plot The Perfect 2012 Gardening Resolutions - 1

This carved stone fish fountain was a Christmas present Plotting out gardening resolutions during the long, dull, gray days of winter, is a pleasant way to stay connected to our gardening hopes and dreams when cabin fever sets in and we pine for the glorious colors and smells of spring. Because beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it’s smart to start a gardening resolution list by checking in with the inner gardener. Set aside all the flashy photos in books, magazines, or video tours of splendid gardens for a moment. They’re great for inspiration and motivation, but they can also cut us off from our own ideas – ideas that may be simpler in concept, and easier and more affordable in execution. Think through the types of things that give you the most pleasure for your efforts and your budget. For me, this generally revolves around my notion of garden art. That could mean outdoor sculpture, garden ornaments such as pots, sundials, etc., outdoor furniture, artistic fences built b