What IS The Sustainable Gardening Library? Search Our Topics (Part 2 of 5)

How to take your gardening project to the next level

Stormwater Basin, Pequannock Township. Photo courtesy of Joe Golden, Township Engineer. See Sustainable Gardening Library Topics app for Eagle Scout project that led community engagement.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a gardening newbie raising three houseplants on a studio apartment window sill, or a municipal engineer overseeing the installation of a stormwater detention basin; we can all kick our sustainability factor up a notch.

Everything you need, all in one place

If you want to become a better steward of our planet’s resources through how you grow plants, you’ll love The Sustainable Gardening Library Topics app. We collect the latest tips and resources from public gardens, universities, and government agencies nationwide and put everything in one place so you don’t have to spend hours searching all over the web to find what you need.

Search the Library by Sustainable Gardening Topic

This is the heart of SGI’s Sustainable Gardening Library, which presents research, educational, and general information in a variety of formats on more than 25 topics that tackle the best ways to grow flowers and food, create outdoor living spaces, and handle common landscape challenges in more Earth-friendly ways.

Topics are arranged alphabetically and represented by a distinctive image, in order to help you find what you are searching for quickly and easily. Each map has a USDA Hardiness Zone layer, to assist you in finding information from content providers who work under the same growing conditions you do, even though they may be in a different geographic region.

How to use the Sustainable Gardening Library Topics app

1. Just click on an image to go to a map that shows the locations of public gardens, arboreta, colleges and universities, and government agencies that have supplied information to the Library on that topic.

2. Once on the map, click a desired location to open its pop-up, which contains the content provider’s address, contact information, website link, and a brief description.

3. To see what a collaborator has posted about your selected topic, select Click here to link to content and you’ll be taken to a pdf list with live links.

4. Click on the name of the file you’d like to review and you’ll be taken to that document, link, image, video, etc.

Check out the Sustainable Gardening Library Topics app here.


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