Cicada Van Winkle's Garden

Magicicada septendecim
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It’s National Garden Week and I thought it would be fun to follow on the heels of last week’s Brian Lehrer Show open phone segment by imagining what Cicada Van Winkle would think if he woke up in your garden today, after having been asleep for 17 years.

So I’m calling on all garden bloggers and gardeners to write a post that answers the following question: 

If you were Cicada Van Winkle and you just woke up for the first time since 1996, what would be the first thing you would notice about your garden in 2013? 

Post a link to your blog in my comments section. If you don’t have a blog, just answer the question in the “Comments” box.

My answer to the question is that the house is a little bigger and the garden is five times as large and far more colorful than it was in 1996. And, oh yeah, there seem to be a lot of trees missing (compliments of Hurricanes Irene and Sandy and several ice storms).

Even though the Brood II Magicicada’s range is limited to the East Coast, join in anyway, because it’s an interesting conversation to have.

To find out more about periodical cicadas, see the NJ Conservation Foundation’s post: “Rip Van Winkle of bugs to awaken,” or go to the Cicada Mania website at It includes maps of where they’re likely to emerge, fun facts about their life cycles and habitats, recordings of their song, and videos. 

And, get out and cultivate your inner gardener.

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