Cultivating The Inner Gardener Featured At Franklin Lakes Public Library

Meet me at the Franklin Lakes Public Library on October 9th, when I’ll be the featured speaker in its Lecture Series. I'll be introducing Cultivating the Inner Gardener, an illustrated talk that focuses on how gardening from the inside out creates a personal space that is not only beautiful and healthy, but also combats stress by providing a sanctuary from today's hectic world. The presentation, which includes stunning garden photos, begins at 7:00pm at the Library, 470 De Korte Drive, Franklin Lakes, NJ  07417.

I’ll explain how gardeners at every level of expertise can dig more deeply into the meaning that gardening holds for them, in order to create a more satisfying experience. Once they learn how to invest thoughtful time up front, they’ll eliminate confusion and expensive mistakes later. By planning a space that harmonizes with their personal dream of what a garden can be, homeowners can focus on the things that really matter to them.

For details, contact Linda Hagedorn at 201-891-2224.
To learn more about The Franklin Lakes Public Library, visit

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