Garden Delights from the 2012 Mansion in May

The Gentlewoman's Potting Table - A Living World Awaits
The Women’s Association of Morristown Medical Center has once again done a superb job on the 2012 Mansion in May. My favorites, of course, are the gardens and the landscape designers, have put together some clever and inspirational ideas for visitors to enjoy. While few of us have the space or the purse to reproduce their grand concepts in toto, these visual delights can be used as jumping-off points for even the most humble of gardens.

I tend to favor the moody spaces, such as Back to Nature’s A Living World Awaits and Cording Landscape Design’s Garden in the Glyn, where, in my imagination, I can slip right into the scene before me. But, there’s a garden for everyone here, from the very formal Tudor Rose Garden to the very casual Sports Court.

Don’t miss it. While you’re helping the Women’s Association raise funds for the new Inpatient Hospice and Palliative Care Center, you’ll glean some great ideas for your own backyard and meet some talented folks who can help you put it all together. The 2012 Mansion in May is open through May 31st . Photos are allowed in the gardens only.

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