9 Secrets to Creating The Garden of Your Dreams

Secret #1: How to Generate That Magical Quality

What's your ideal dream garden?
Have you been to other people’s gardens that seem to have a magical quality to them, but can’t seem to create it in your own? What may be missing is you. The heady atmosphere we encounter in certain very special gardens is a direct expression of their gardeners' inner being. A fortunate few are able to garden this way subconsciously. The rest of us have to learn how to do it.

And that's good news, because we can learn to paint our landscapes just as we learn to paint a picture. The tools we use are the myriad of greens and greys that nature supplies as a background, flowers that come in every color of the rainbow, and the bark, foliage, and natural features that add texture. But the ideas come from inside ourselves.

The ethereal feelings, or atmospherics, manifest as we invest important parts of ourselves in the garden. We have to be willing to expend thought, energy, emotion, time, money, and commitment to project our own ideas and ideals into being. In the context of gardening, this means tuning in to why we feel our view of gardening is important and then maintaining the confidence to garden in our own way.

This requires us to work at a deeper level than simply choosing among a number of designs that are presented to us by someone else. One analogy might be the difference between purchasing a house that’s already been built and working with an architect to design a house that suits us to a “T.”

Regardless of the size, shape, or condition of your space, or your level of expertise, you can create a garden that refreshes you because you have infused it with your own meaning. This type of gardening goes far beyond plants and design. It is gardening that both emanates from and reaches into the gardener’s soul.

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