Cultivating The Inner Gardener Newsletter Marks First Anniversary

It's hard to believe that the April issue of the Cultivating the Inner Gardener newsletter marks a full year of sharing my ideas about garden design with spirit in mind with my readers. I'd love for you to join these gardening enthusiasts and discover a new approach to your favorite pastime.

Ground-breaking Ideas
Each monthly issue offers subscribers innovative ideas about how to design a garden that is a sanctuary from the commotion of daily life. Together, we explore the rich potential of sounding our own depths to create gardening experiences that speak to the soul, as well as the practical matters of constructing our dream garden in the real world.

Action Steps

Action challenges for readers to work on during the coming month offer assignments for everyone who wants to get started right away. These run the gamut from summoning up childhood garden memories to designing the bones of your next garden project. All are intended to get you outdoors and reconnected to nature.

More Than Just Another Pretty Space

Cultivating The Inner Gardener is built around the concept that there's more to be had beyond the enjoyment of a garden's physical beauty. By learning to garden from the inside out, you can experience the transformational exchange of energy that takes place when gardeners develop an intimate, holistic relationship with their land. Learn how to rediscover and focus on the things that really matter to you about your garden, restore meaning to your gardening efforts, and revitalize a cherished pastime.

Keep up with where I'll be speaking next, media interviews, upcoming events, and private or group coaching opportunities.

How To Subscribe

To sign up for Cultivating The Inner Gardener newsletter, look for the purple Yahoo Groups icon in the sidebar at the right, enter your email address in the box just above it, and click "Join Now." This is a double opt-in subscription that ensures that only those people who really want the newsletter will get it, so you'll receive an automated email from Yahoo asking you to confirm that you want to subscribe to the Cultivating The Inner Gardener Group.

I use this method to distribute the newsletter because it allows me to conform to anti-spam laws. Members of the group cannot see one another's information or contact you, since I moderate all messages sent to the Group. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Newsletter Samples

How do you know whether this newsletter is right for you? Check it out first. You can review samples of the Cultivating The Inner Gardener Newsletter at
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