Growing Vegetables? Take This Survey

If you've grown some of your own vegetables or herbs within the past five years, in a dedicated veggie garden, in containers, or spotted amongst ornamentals, George Weigel and Steve Bogash want to hear from you. George is the garden writer for the Patriot-News in Harrisburg, PA, and Steve is a regional vegetable specialist for Penn State's Extension Service. They want to hear about newbies' vegetable-growing experiences from all around the country, not just Pennsylvania.

Was all this veggie-growing a fad born out of the recession, or will it last, because people are really concerned about what goes into and on their food? Once the reality of vegetable growing sinks in, are people still willing to put in the time and effort? Are most such gardeners growing organic, or do they buy whatever is on the shelf that promises to grow lots of food with few bugs? These are the kinds of questions George and Steve are hoping to answer.

Perhaps of most interest to me because of my work with Cultivating The Inner Gardener , is how challenging gardeners find the effort to be and whether and why they will continue to grow vegetables next year.

We're not newbies, so I don't qualify to take the survey, but in case you're wondering, we grow herbs, tomatoes, mixed greens, cucumbers, and Galeux d’Eysines squash in pots and among the ornamentals and supplement with produce from the local farm stand. Yes, it's easier to buy everything there, but I like the veggie-growing experience, including the challenge.

How about you? Lend a hand by taking the quick, 15-question (easy-to-answer) survey at . The survey closes November 19, 2010.

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