Gardener Coach Appointed To Garden Writers of America Sustainability Task Force

Gardener-centric coach Lois J. de Vries helps gardeners create a personal space that is not only beautiful and healthy, but also a sanctuary for the soul. She was recently appointed to the Garden Writers of America's (GWA) Sustainability Task Force. She was selected based on her familiarity with land use law, environmental regulations, and invasive plants.
GWA has 1,800 members worldwide including book authors, staff editors, syndicated columnists, free-lance writers, photographers, landscape designers, television and radio personalities, consultants, catalog publishers, extension service agents, and other gardening professionals.

The task force was formed by the GWA Board of Directors to make recommendations regarding how members communicate about the topic, as well as to develop a sustainability blueprint for GWA as an organization. In recent years, GWA has sought venues and products to reduce its annual symposium's carbon footprint, but feels there is still more that can be done.

The consensus of the task force was that by taking a leadership position in sustainability as an organization and promoting consumer awareness of the issue, GWA and its members can exert a strong influence in the lawn and garden industry. The next step will be to develop specific suggestions for GWA to implement at its headquarters in Virginia, tips its members can apply in promoting their garden-oriented businesses, and advice homeowners can use to develop a sustainable garden.

de Vries feels that the path GWA is choosing is a moderate one. “Our job is to educate people about what sustainability means, and explain what the options are. The ultimate choice, and responsibility, remains with the gardener,” she said.

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