Succulent Garden Sculpture

This elegant dancer at the Quail Botanical Garden in Encinitas, California is made entirely of succulent plants mounted in moss, on a wire frame. Nearby is a mariachi band covered in variegated ivy and several other dancers, whose hats, boots, and vest are made of copper. I love artwork in the garden and what could be more wonderful for avid gardeners than artworks made of plants!

The first thing I think of when I see something like this is the amount of work involved to create and maintain it. Every plant was perfect, even in the wilting 100+ degree temperature. It took a moment for the beauty of it all to sink in.
Succulents won't work outdoors year-round in places where winter temperatures dip below freezing, but hardy succulents would provide a short-season visual extravaganza. Ivy, or other hardy vines, such as variegated Vinca major would also do the trick, although not with the same stunning effect. Think about using climbing roses or Clematis, too.

The sculpture needs to be in proportion to the space it occupies in the garden and the time available to snip, clip, and train the plants during the first few growing seasons. For those who are art-challenged, smaller-scale versions could be created using the wire forms sold in florists and home decorating stores, or even plant tuteurs, as a base. That way, you could still use the succulents and overwinter them in the house.

Let your imagination run wild.

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