Everything's Coming Up Roses – 5

This year I received three field-trial roses: The previously-described Pink Home Run™, Dick Clark, and Candy Oh. I'm guessing at the Weeks floribunda Dick Clark, since it arrived with only its trial number. The description of its cherry picotee blushing to burgundy didn't hold for my individual plant. It did start out as creamy white. It did form the cherry picotee, but as it opened out, became full-flushed with the cherry color. I'll reserve judgment for now, since it's only produced two flowers so far, with one new bud forming. It's been busy growing a full, bushy plant. Either way, it will blend well with the other nearby roses.

Candy Oh

Vivid Red is a trial landscape rose, which arrived in-bud and has been blooming continuously every since – even though I still have it in a pot -- so it is a good choice for containers, as well. A polyantha hybrid, it is billed as needing no winter protection, disease-resistant, low maintenance, and hardy to -30ºF

Last but not least, my un-named miniature rose, another free sample from a trade show. In its original spot, it had been overshadowed by its much taller hybrid tea and floribunda siblings. In fact, it occupied the exact spot where Dick Clark needed to go, so I had Dan dig it up. I only turned my back for a moment, but…..instant root pruning. I took a deep breath, put it into its new planting hole and treated it as if nothing had happened. It just sat there for weeks and weeks, long past the time it normally blooms. All at once, it became covered with leaves, and then, more buds than it had ever had. The result was a spectacular shower of blossoms.

So while roses may seem as if they're fussy, what with blackspot, grey mold, aphids, Japanese Beetles, etc., they're actually pretty tough and will bounce back from most garden calamities. Give 'em a try.

If you enjoyed this series on roses, you may also enjoy fellow garden writer Doug Green's series on landscape design at http://www.landscaping-ideas-for-gardening.com/design-a-garden.html .

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