Why I Garden

My friend Mary Ann Newcomer at Gardens of the Wild Wild West (formerly Idaho Gardener) is running a contest on why people garden http://www.gardensofthewildwildwest.com/index.php/2009/11/08/why-i-garden-a-contest/ . This one is right up my alley, since I’ve been giving serious thought to how and why people garden for the past five years. But enough about them. Here’s why I garden:

  • Because it reconnects me to the natural world,
  • Because I understand The Transformational Power of Gardening (http://loisdevries.blogspot.com/2007/08/transformational-power-of-gardening.html) ,
  • Because it cultivates my inner gardener (http://cultivatingtheinnergardener.blogspot.com),
  • Because it helps me extend the lives, by however small an increment, of the other sentient beings who share this space,
  • Because it enables me to enjoy the company of wildlife pets,
  • Because flowers perfume the air,
  • Because the colors please my eye,
  • Because it gives me a means of expressing my creativity and penchant for good design,
  • Because it provides a space to display pottery and sculpture,
  • Because it offers an acceptable means of exercise,
  • Because it gets me outdoors,
  • Because every new sprout and flower bud still excites me,
  • Because gardening renews my spirit,
  • And because Spring reminds me that there is always new life after “death.”

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