Gardener’s Fantasy Gift List

Floral sculpture: Inta Krombolz, 

Want some insight into what your favorite gardener might be dreaming about during the long, cold winter? It’s not likely to be another trowel or pair of mud gloves. For something your gardener won’t soon forget, choose something from my fantasy gift list:

Wind Sculptures – We bought one during our trip to Utah this year and just love it. In addition to its inherent qualities, it stands in the lavender garden as a symbol of our visit to Red Butte Gardens, our niece’s wedding, and a fun vacation. Designed and built by Lyman Whitaker, these contemporary abstract sculptures are designed to move with the slightest breeze, yet have controlled movement in high winds. More info at , where you can link to art galleries that sell his work.

Garden Tours – No matter how big or flower-filled any garden is, its owner will run off to look at someone else’s at the drop of a hat. For those with a small purse, look for local or regional tours offered by garden clubs, arts councils, historical societies, etc. as fundraisers. These can draw some very fine gardens that belong to folks who want to help their favorite organization.

If you’re ready to fulfill a gardener’s ultimate fantasy, however, start saving for the Chelsea (England) flower show, or if that gardener is also a garden writer (hint, hint), The Garden Writers Association Annual Symposium , or the Blooms of Bressingham Tour .

Landscaping, Design, or Plants – A chunk of change to spend on their wildest gardening dreams will win the heart and soul of any gardener. Purchase gift certificates, or make your own. Remember to include enough to cover delivery and freight charges if the purchase will be something heavy, such as concrete ornaments or fountains, pallets of stone, etc.

Garden Coaching – For gardeners who want to do it themselves, but need help figuring out what to do, a garden coach can help. They’ll work with you in person or via the internet to gain a better understanding of what to do about pests and diseases, pruning, improving your design, or how to grow specific plants. To find a coach near you, visit .

Cultivating the Inner Gardener Coaching – After training for six months with meaning coach extraordinaire Eric Maisel, I’ve officially launched a gardener-focused coaching practice designed to bring more meaning to the experience of gardening. Cultivating the Inner Gardener is about putting gardeners in a mental space that allows them to develop an intimate, holistic relationship with their environment. Through a series of assignments and exercises gardeners learn how to rediscover and focus on the things that really matter to them, restore meaning to their gardening efforts, and revitalize a cherished pastime. For more details, visit or e-mail me at .

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