California Dreaming 1

In March, Dan and I ran away to California. We needed to escape politics, grant-writing season, and winter, plus Dan wanted to visit friends and family. He lured me by promising a visit to wine country, good food, and a stay at a bed and breakfast with a garden. I had never been to San Francisco, so we did all of the touristy things, and enjoyed the warmer weather.

What’s SF without Fisherman’s Wharf? We had an absolutely fabulous lunch overlooking the Bay. We visited the new-ish Maritime National Park, consisting of historic ships moored in an enclosed harbor, as well as the Maritime Museum. We toured the Balclutha probably the only time I’ll have the chance to board a large sailing ship. I have to say this is one of the best uses of taxpayer money I’ve ever seen. We eavesdropped on the local kids’ class tour and there was wonderful play-acting by the interpretive staff, who engaged the children in hands-on activities.

Then it was off on a cable-car ride to Chinatown, where I picked up that great, “real pashmina” paisley shawl – for me, $15.99 today only; everybody else $25.00. When you’re having fun and you find something you like, it’s a bargain every time. The haggling was worth the price just for the entertainment.

Then it was off to the Japanese Tea Garden at Golden Gate Park , developed for the1894 World’s Fair. Serene and not too crowded at this time of the year, it was a relaxing place to visit although, after walking around San Francisco since 8:00am, my feet had pretty much given out by 3:00pm.

We jumped in the car, drove across the Golden Gate Bridge and headed for Sonoma.

More next time.

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