Because 62% of Consumers Want More Sustainable Gardening Information

Americans are interested

We’ve built the Sustainable Gardening Library
Our goal is to ferret out those techniques that provide the best potential for helping people garden and farm more sustainably. We’re doing it by curating and organizing resources from expert sources and delivering them through an interactive web application.

We’re breaking down barriers by promoting the exchange of sustainable gardening information between and among public gardens, arboreta, and other educational non-profits, colleges and universities, and government agencies, taking a new, cross-disciplinary approach. If your organization has relevant content, let’s talk. Contact

The Sustainable Gardening Library is comprehensive, but not overwhelming
Too much information is the bane of everyone’s existence these days, but particularly for those who would rather be planting than searching though millions of web pages for answers to simple questions. That’s why the Sustainable Gardening Library is specialized, curated, and limited to 50 topics identified by more than 900 gardeners and homeowners, selected by a committee of 10 garden journalists, and evaluated by 30 potential collaborators.

Let’s start helping that 62% find the sustainable gardening and farming information they need!

The Sustainable Gardening Institute is a New Jersey 501 (c)(3) Corporation – all donations are tax-deductible 

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