Garden Sanctuary a la Carte Debuts at Perennial Fest June 4th

Meet me at Perennial Fest on June 4th at Donaldson's Greenhouse and Nursery, 178 Airport Rd., in Hackettstown, NJ for the debut of my latest hands-on program, Garden Sanctuary a la Carte. The program starts at 1:00pm.  Wear your walking shoes and bring your wallet for this "Try and Buy" workshop designed specifically to make purchasing the basics of a garden sanctuary easier.

We'll start the ball rolling with some quick relaxation techniques to set the mood, talk about what inspires you in the garden, mull over your motivation for creating a garden sanctuary, discuss focal or meditation objects, and kick around some basic design ideas. Be sure check out Donaldson's demonstration garden sanctuary for a tangible example, as we grab our carts and go on a guided shopping tour.

You'll get a checklist and map of the sales yard to use as I lead you from one clearly marked station to the next to select your focal ornament, background tree or shrub, and perennials, herbs, ferns, and annuals. While I help you with your design decisions, Denise Stevenson will be on hand to answer your horticultural questions. As a bonus, Donaldson's is offering free local delivery on purchases of $100 or more for class participants (a $30 value).

Garden Sanctuary a la Carte and Cultivating The Inner Gardener are talks designed to help homeowners explore gardening from the inside out. For more information, check out my home study class at, or visit

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